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Irrigation Service

One of the most important management tools for any landscape is water. A professionally designed and managed irrigation system is the most cost effective and efficient way to ensure your landscape gets the proper amount of H2O without over or under watering. When properly installed and maintained automated irrigation systems can help maintain a healthy beautiful landscape, increase property value, save yourself time, money and make your property the envy of any neighborhood.

We customize every system to meet the specific needs of different landscapes. We take pride in water conservation and the environment all systems come with rain sensors that improve water efficiency. Our company uses industry leading parts and timers, standing by our work, we offer a two year warranty on all systems installed. Our team comes and makes sure every component is winterized properly and ready for the harsh Muskoka winter. All lines are blown out to ensure no water is left in system. This is absolutely necessary to ensure system makes in through winter safely and is functioning properly in spring.

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Our services are high quality assured which results to a full job satisfaction for all our clients. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority and guarantee with the wide range of services we provide. Delivering services at a very competitive prices that are reasonable and affordable.

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