Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

We have comprehensive maintenance services for bi-weekly lawn maintenance to, repairs and upkeep of your property in any residential or commercial buildings. Our experienced team gives you hassle free Maintenance be it for your own home or your rental property. Our experienced team work on a wide range of projects every single day. We understand the expectations of our clients. We pride ourselves in excellent service delivery throughout the property maintenance services.

Owning a home is a lot of work, and the work only intensifies as your house gets older. Something always breaks, the lawn constantly needs attention, or you just can’t find a few minutes to repaint that damaged wall. Life never stops. But with Salas Constructing, it can be a bit easier. We provide convenient home maintenance services, repairs, cleaning, and more so that you can enjoy more care-free and worry-free living. We provide free quotes to allow you to learn about our affordable services and find the right fit for you and your property.

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Our services are high quality assured which results to a full job satisfaction for all our clients. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority and guarantee with the wide range of services we provide. Delivering services at a very competitive prices that are reasonable and affordable.

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